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Empire Records
      Once upon a time at a records store in New Jersey, night manager, Lucas, decided that he was going to be the one to save the Empire from being turned into another Music Town. So he took $9,104, hopped on his motorcycle, and drove off to Atlantic City. Unfortunately his good luck turned bad and he lost all the money. The rest of the movie shows a day in the life of the slackers, dreamers, and freaks who work at Empire Records, and how they save the empire.
      A.J., who wants to go to art school, has to tell Corey he loves her by 1:37 (an excellent time). Coreywho is going to Harvard and is a closet speed freak, is obsessed with getting good grades. Mark (my favorite character) is goofy and crazy. He's going to start a band called Marc. Deb's the one who shaved her head and tried to kill herself with a Lady Bic. Warren is the shoplifter and Whitney Houston fan, who just wants to work at a record store. Gina is the turboslut, who has to do every guy she sees (including Rex Manning, the has-been of The Family Way) and wants to sing in a band. Berko, well theres not much to say about him but he's just as strange as the rest of them, and finally Joe. The manager of Empire records who keeps everything from totally falling apart.

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